Jane & Jeremy

By Emilie Lindsten

∞ (Infinity) is a selection of pastel drawings and photographs made during the past year by artist Emilie Lindsten. The title is inspired by the continuity of Lindsten’s artistic practice as a thread woven into her life during her pivotal year of 2014. At that moment, Lindsten spent most of her efforts travelling between London and Sweden, as well as spending a few months in India and Finland. In time, the drawings came to constitute a personal diary, representing on paper a reflection inspired by observations of atmospheres, colours and elements.

Alongside these drawings, the book contains a selection of photographs taken in the same period. Whereas the drawings are interior impressions of these transformational experiences, the photographs are their exterior documentations. The photographs come to light from the outside, and the drawings reach the world from inside the mind and body. This book is a meeting ground of these shared and yet personal worlds, as the pages allow both of these exposures to weave infinitely through each other, representing a vastness of interdependent subtleties.

  • 145mm x 200mm
  • Letterpressed cover
  • 60 pages
  • Handmade
  • First edition of 100
  • Hand numbered
  • With signed print
£35 + p&p