Jane & Jeremy

54°0’13.176″N 2°32’52.278″W

By Véronique Rolland

This work is part of a project about the centroid location of Britain, the point at which a cardboard cut-out of the area could be perfectly balanced on the tip of a pencil. Islands are assumed fixed to the mainland in their precise position by invisible wires.  It lies in the most desolate and remote place in the Forest of Bowland,in Lancashire, an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. This project looks to question the exactitude of place and our relationship to identity within notions of the contemporary Sublime.

  • 148mm x 210mm box
  • Foil blocked cover and box
  • Box contains:
  • 16 page introduction booklet
  • 20 page film still booklet
  • 2 fold-out concertinas
  • 3 postcards
  • 1 folded A3 poster
  • First edition of 106 + 6AP's
  • Hand numbered
£90 + p&p