Jane & Jeremy

Built Work

By Erin O'Keefe

The photographs in Erin O’Keefe’s Built Work are both straightforward and strange. The objects are ordinary, yet the space they occupy is curious, flat, twisted, impossible to measure with certainty. The camera’s lens mediates this collision of known and unknown. Spatial ambiguity and tactile certainty are in a tense standoff within each image.

The title of the series Built Work is a term that architects use to refer to realised projects. Here it refers to both the subject matter of the photographs, and the images themselves, which are quite literally built from the layering of real spatial situations with the camera’s uncanny translations.

  • 145mm x 200mm
  • Foil blocked soft cover
  • 54 pages
  • French-folded
  • With signed print
  • Poem by John Crowe Ransom
  • First edition of 100
  • Hand numbered

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