Jane & Jeremy

Red Orange

By Delaney Allen

Red Orange responds to the American photography road trip works of the past. Modifying the genre, the images experiment with the alienation occurred while traveling through the vastness of the southern half of California. Once off the road for the evening, Red Orange continues within the forgotten town motel rooms. Tabletops become make-shift studios with a collection of items to be photographed. Walmart, thrift and dollar stores are visited throughout the small towns to purchase bargain items to photograph. Snacks from the road trip become stopgap additions to the still-lifes. At times loosely imitating the natural environments found outside the confines of the room, the created imagery counter the curiosity and desolation of the aforementioned roadside photographs.

As with those American road trip series from the past, the series employs the automobile as a tool. But, beyond that, comparisons are limited. Photographing the silence of days on end, Red Orange aspires for an original consideration of life on the road.

  • 145mm x 200mm
  • Foil blocked cover
  • 114 pages
  • With signed print
  • Poem by Patricia No
  • First edition of 100
  • Hand numbered

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